Year Of 1882′ :

During the 1880s, with the Levant having already established fame for its location on the Silk Road, Khalil Warde established a fabrics furnishing business in Damascus, known as the illustrious capital in “Bilad El Sham”, a leading city of commerce.

The enterprise grew in scope and attained significance at the regional level.

Year Of 1920′ :

By the year 1920, the Ottoman reign had ended. The city of Beirut flourished and became an essential gateway for occidental trade.

Khalil Warde inaugurated his second outlet in Beirut’s Central District that turned into a center for urban, social and commercial interaction. Warde prospered there and deploy multiple outlet in Lebanon.

Year Of 1990′ & Beyond :

Warde’s spread and success went on unrivalled through the 1990’s up to the present day through the development of Warde Show room presenting Fabrics , Trimmings and upholstery in the MENA area (Egypt, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran etc..)

Therefore Warde became a name associated with delicately woven fabrics and exclusively refined products provided for the best in class manufacturer and editor.