Warde is one of the leading Textile Retailers in the world.Our Company strives to expand more across the world.It has traced a gratifying and virtuous longitivity, spanning several decades of accrued prosperity and success.Handling the world’s most prestigious brands,Warde’s professional staff aim on transforming mere concepts into remarkably finished projects.With our best in class products, we are striving to become unrivaled in our right and fame.

Khali Warde (1864 – 1947) :

In the 1880’s, at a time when the Levant had alredy established fame for its location on the silk road, Khalil Warde established a business of furnishing fabrics in Damascus, the illustrious capital of “Bilad El Sham” and a leading city of trade and business.The enterprise rapidly grew in scope and importance at the regional level.

The Origin :

Warde’s first establishment was quite a sight; located at the heart of the bustling Hamidyyeh souk, the store was accessed from a tiny entrance which eventually gave way to a large central space with an impressive mezzanine and looming balconies.The place was strewn at all times with cloth and fabrics disposed on the floor, on chairs, adorning the balconies and hanging from the ceiling.